Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator and Eldercaring Coordinator


Certified in Circuit Civil/County, Family, Appellate, Dependency, and Elder trained.

How does Mediation work?

Mediation is a word describing a process used to resolve conflict or disagreements between two or more parties. The mediation process is an alternate to litigation because litigation may be financially and emotionally expensive and consuming. Mediation is not a family member or business colleague getting in the middle of a dispute. A certified mediator is specially trained and experienced and most importantly a neutral in the dispute. The mediator does NOT make any decisions and does NOT express an opinion on who may be right or wrong. A mediator guides the party through self determination while maintaining confidentiality.

When should I mediate?

Many times people think of a mediator as a person ordered by the court to assist in alternative dispute resolution in a marital dissolution (divorce) or a child support/time sharing matter.  This is one example of when people should mediate, but there are many other examples. Mediation should be used as a first attempt at resolution for disputes involving contractor performance, home owners association disputes, insurance coverage disputes, business partner disagreements, issues between neighbors, alleged breaches of contract, failure to pay/credit disputes, disputed decision making involving an elder, etc.

It is wise to consider mediating pre-litigation (before you file a suit or before expensive discovery begins). Mediating pre-litigation may save parties legal expenses and may bring a resolution forth quicker than a case played out in the courts. Many times a party may be seeking help with a dispute and does not want to file litigation in order to protect their privacy.

If you have a dispute with another party and wish to mediate but are unsure if the other party is willing to mediate the matter, please feel free to request your free electronic pamphlet on  How to Invite a Party to Mediation by clicking HERE.

Providing the Dispute Resolution Services you need.

Mediator Schmidt is available to mediate via video conference and in person through out the State of Florida. She maintains an office in the Tampa area. Her scheduling permits evening and weekend appointments if necessary to accommodate employment schedules or urgent cases.


Circuit Civil and Family

Eldercaring Coordination

Tracy Schmidt, Certified Mediator

Experience that Counts

Mediator Schmidt is a member of the Florida Bar since 1993 has been engaged in dispute resolution since 2003 with experience in real estate, employment, business operations, HOA, elder, marital and child related issues. She has served a corporate vice-president in a national health insurance company and is currently licensed as a life and health insurance agent and private investigator. Her practice is 100% dedicated to alternative dispute resolution and she accepts court order cases in addition to private mediations including represented and pro se (unrepresented by an attorney) matters.

In addition to her professional education and licensure, Ms. Schmidt previously served in various corporate positions for 28 years in the insurance industry including General Counsel, Mergers & Acquisitions, Regulatory Operations and Sales/Marketing.


  • Circuit Civil Mediator, Supreme Court of Florida (2003- present)
  • Qualified Arbitrator (2003)
  • ElderCaring Coordinator (2019- present)
  • United States District Court- Southern and Middle Districts (2019- present)
  • Dependency Mediator, Supreme Court Florida (2018- present)
  • Appellate Mediator, Supreme Court of Florida (2017- present)
  • Sixth Circuit Panel Mediator: Family and Dependency (2014- present)
  • Family Mediator, Supreme Court of Florida (2013- present)
  • United States Postal Service REDRESS Mediator (2007- present)

Expert Mediation by Zoom or in Person

Find a Date for Your Mediation

The calendar is refreshed daily however your date is not guaranteed until confirmed by the office. Cancellations and re-scheduling may be occurring which is not reflected in the calendar. If you need a particular date please contact the office directly at 813-996-5297.

Mediations are typically scheduled with a start time of 9am or 1pm; however Mediator Schmidt does accept evening and weekend appointments.