Circuit Civil and Family

The Florida Supreme Court certifies mediators in the following areas: Circuit Civil, Count, Family, Dependency, and Appellate matters. The certifications align with the type of case (division of the court) in which the matter would be heard if/when litigated. MS. Schmidt is one of a small numbers of Florida mediators certified in all areas recognized by the Florida Supreme Court. She is also elder trained in mediation and a practicing Eldercaring Coordinator.

Civil mediation is issue driven, and focused on the conflict. The focus of sessions, initiated by court order or voluntary, are focused on developing a finite agreement to which the parties are bound. Mediation may be between two persons, multiple people or various legal entities. If you have a dispute or disagreement the confidentiality of mediation may resolve or reduce the number of contested issues.

Mediation is the opportunity to promote ideas for resolution in a confidential setting, without inhabitation by the court’s rules of procedure, whereby parties can make their own determinations about what outcome is best for them.

How to Invite a Party to Mediation - Fill out form and send to get free pamphlet.